Sunday, December 17, 2006

News, Kale, and More..

First, I saw this article in various places via email and online. If you haven't read it yet, it is worth the time.

The UN released a new study with findings that say: The cattle industry produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars.

Onto food stuff...

After our offbeat Thanksgiving, I did make up a more traditional vegan T-day plate.

You'll notice roasted yellow beats, sauteed beet greens (with garlic), a small portion of mashed potatoes, half a roasted sweet potato with cinnamon, and some slices of Celebration Field Roast. Tommy loves sweet potatoes and field roast. This was my first experience with cooking up the beet greens. I liked them!

The Field Roast is a great. It is a seitan roll with butternut squash and apple stuffing. I'm a huge fan of this product and look forward to this time of year when it is easy to find Field Roast in the store. The Field Roast Company also makes seitan sausages that I'd highly recommend. Their site lists a new vegan cheese which I'm looking forward to trying; however, I've been unable to find any locally.

This week I purchased some kale in order to try out a new recipe for Bean and Kale scramble that I found on FatFreeVegan. Generally I avoid kale, with the exception of one recipe I posted about previously.

This looked interesting, so I gave it a go. I included the optional mustard. The dill, soy sauce, and mustard made this dish quite flavorful and I'd cook it again.

So, I had some leftover kale and decided try out Kale Chips which I'd filed away a long time ago. The recipe is very simple. Chop up the kale, toss with olive oil and bake for 10 minutes (or until crispy) at 350 degrees. Wow, this couldn't be any easier and I love the crunchy kale chips! They are great plain and I also tried a few different toppings including vegan parmesan shaker cheese and creole spice seasoning. This recipe idea is a keeper.

I'm still limping around, so I'm cooking less than I would like, but I am keeping up with everyone's blogs.


Nikk said...

I am in love with Kale. I eat Kale several times a week. It is so yummy with everything. My favorite quick dinner is some steamed kale sauteed with a can of beans and a little bit of garlic and nooch for taste.

So so yummy! Thanks for the offer for cooking help! I was able to get it all done (it was last week) but it's good to know that I could get help for next time! :) I am going to post pics of everything.

We should meet up at some point anyway!

Emmy said...

That article is really interesting. Scary too!

I've never tried the Celebration Field Roast. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. I'm intrigued that it has a butternut squash/apple stuffing. That sounds really good.

Kale Chips - what a fab recipe idea. I'm definitely going to save that recipe. Sounds great!!

Dori said...

The UN released a new study with findings that say: The cattle industry produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars.

I read this statement.... all I could think was "GO VEG, YEA!"

urban vegan said...

Kale to the chief. That would set him straight.

Valerie said...

I need to eat more kale and these both look like great recipes. Since I'm the only kale eater in the house, the kale chips sound like a great way to make sure no kale goes to waste.

So sorry to hear about the snowboarding injury! I'm planning on making the switch from skiing to snowboarding in the new year. I'm a excited, but a little scared. The whole lift process freaks me out. I had all kinds of embarrassing problems with the lift when I first learned to ski. At least they make for funny stories now.

Anonymous said...

Have a great holidays, i hope you feel better :)