Monday, April 23, 2007

I Want To Post More, Really I Do!

I've got to just buckle down and start posting at least once a week. Life gets in the way sometimes. Work has been busy and unfortunately, I've been traveling more than I'd like too. I do still make the blog rounds and I've been responding semi-regularly on PPK.

This weekend we had a cool little Earth Day thing near my home where they collected all sorts of items for recycling and reuse. I was super excited to get rid of a few boxes of random stuff found around my house.

Did you know that Nike recycles sneaker soles? I dropped off a couple pairs of my old, stinky running shoes. To find a sneaker recycling location in your area or view the shipping address to send your old sneakers, visit Nike's site.

A few weeks ago I found that a small farm (where I normally pick strawberries and buy veggies) is offering CSA shares this year. I purchased a half share for myself and am looking forward to fresh local veggies/herbs/flowers and maybe berries. Plus, I get to work 6 hours on the farm. That sounds like fun.

When I was in Maine for work a few weeks ago, I picked up Little Lad's vegan but-tah. "Like no udd-ah." That makes me chuckle.

My cooking has been simple stuff though I do have a couple of blogworthy photos.

Finally, I tried the famous seitan '0 greatness. The texture is good and it is interesting that you bake it rather than boil it. Next time I make this seitan, I might change around some of the spices. They really aren't my favorite mix and I would have liked it with a bit more heat.

Log, log, seitan log.

Slices of greatness.

Lolo's awesome lavender shortbread. This batch was slightly extra crispy. I cooked it too long. It just wouldn't brown on the parchment paper. Eventually, I put the rounds directly on the cookie sheet and all was well. ---Lesson learned.