Monday, April 23, 2007

I Want To Post More, Really I Do!

I've got to just buckle down and start posting at least once a week. Life gets in the way sometimes. Work has been busy and unfortunately, I've been traveling more than I'd like too. I do still make the blog rounds and I've been responding semi-regularly on PPK.

This weekend we had a cool little Earth Day thing near my home where they collected all sorts of items for recycling and reuse. I was super excited to get rid of a few boxes of random stuff found around my house.

Did you know that Nike recycles sneaker soles? I dropped off a couple pairs of my old, stinky running shoes. To find a sneaker recycling location in your area or view the shipping address to send your old sneakers, visit Nike's site.

A few weeks ago I found that a small farm (where I normally pick strawberries and buy veggies) is offering CSA shares this year. I purchased a half share for myself and am looking forward to fresh local veggies/herbs/flowers and maybe berries. Plus, I get to work 6 hours on the farm. That sounds like fun.

When I was in Maine for work a few weeks ago, I picked up Little Lad's vegan but-tah. "Like no udd-ah." That makes me chuckle.

My cooking has been simple stuff though I do have a couple of blogworthy photos.

Finally, I tried the famous seitan '0 greatness. The texture is good and it is interesting that you bake it rather than boil it. Next time I make this seitan, I might change around some of the spices. They really aren't my favorite mix and I would have liked it with a bit more heat.

Log, log, seitan log.

Slices of greatness.

Lolo's awesome lavender shortbread. This batch was slightly extra crispy. I cooked it too long. It just wouldn't brown on the parchment paper. Eventually, I put the rounds directly on the cookie sheet and all was well. ---Lesson learned.


Anonymous said...

you too make the seitan!, great, did you like it?

KleoPatra said...

Jody, so glad to see you post. i know how life gets so busy!

Nice to read about your Earth Day celebration. Way to recycle some of your own items!!

i hadn't a clue about Nike recycling soles. Pretty cool. They make some vegan running shoes as well. i have a pair!

How exciting about your half share purchase at the small farm. And working there... FAB!! Hope you'll post about that...

Go, o seitan o'greatness! And i'm a big fan of shortbread, but lavender? Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Emmy said...

I had no idea about Nike's recycling of sneaker soles. Thanks for the heads up :) Oh cool, you signed up for a CSA. Be sure to take pics of the fruits and veggies you get.

"no-udd-ah"...ha ha! That's great.

I agree about the Seitan O' Greatness...definitely needs to be hotter. Try the seitan pepperoni too if you get a chance...I liked the spice combination for that even though I doubled most of the spices.

The lavender shortbread sounds sooooo good. I could really go for a piece of that and some tea right now. Thanks for the link to the recipe.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the Nike info. I have three pairs of old sneakers that I haven't wanted to throw away.

I've been wanting to make the lavender shortbread. It looks so yummy.

MeloMeals said...

Glad to see a post from you! I am getting ready to clean out our old shoe closet, so I KNOW we'll have lots of shoes to recycle... so thank you!

btw, I hope that you can stop by at Cafe Indigo! I work Sun-Thurs from 6-2... so if you're planning on stopping by later than 2, let me know!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

Hi Jody! Working on the CSA farm sounds like a blast -- take your camera for me. I just posted about the seitan o'greatness and agree that the spice combo just wasn't right, but really dig baking it in the oven. :o)

bazu said...

It is hard to blog all the time isn't it? Just do it for fun, don't let it stress you out. I'm so intrigued by your CSA share- I want to find a good one around my parts. My only fear is that we are only 2 people, how will we finish it all? A half-share sounds just right.

Carrie™ said...

Nike gets such a bad rap and in some cases rightfully so - buuuttt.....I mostly stand while at work. Have been doing so for about 10 years now and tend to have random foot issues. I've tried about a gazillion different kinds/pairs of shoes and consistently, the most comfortable ones for me to wear are Nike. They last a fairly long time (3-4 months is great for me!!) and I'm willing to pay the extra $$ to be comfortable. It's great to read that they are doing something to help the environment.
I WISH I had a CSA available to me here. I bet you'll have fun coming up with dishes to use what you get surprised with in your deliveries. Can't wait to see what you get and what you make!

urban vegan said...

Don't sweat it about posting...we all understand. it's more like "work gets in the way sometimes!" ;)

Those lavendar biscuits look amazing...I love the subtle taste of lavendar.

That's great that you can recycyle sneaker soles. I hope they can also recycle Payless-type shoes. I worry about those.