Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blueberries, Sourdough, NYC

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Between plans, yard work, the office, seems like I never get around to blogging.

Let's see, a few weeks back I went blueberry picking at a local farm. I picked 3.5 pounds of blueberries!

The local farmer's markets are great, I only wish I had started finding them sooner. If you are in Massachusetts, you can find markets near you on this site.

I'm also enjoying my 1/2 share at the CSA this year. Right now, they are picking onions, zucchini, squash, tomatoes and beans.

Here's what I've been cooking:
Crazy Vegetable Fried Rice a VeganYumYum tester recipe for Lolo's upcoming cookbook
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Blueberry Pancakes - Recipe from The Rabbit Food cookbook
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Tomato Cream Sauce with zukes and whole wheat pasta, also from VYY.
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A friend of mine shared some sourdough starter which was passed down from the travelers on the Oregon Trail. I've been fooling around with that. So far, I've been successful with pancakes and waffles. I did make some biscuits that turned out, ok. The bread was not so tasty. If you've got sourdough recipes, please share.

Blueberry sourdough pancakes and waffles
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Last weekend I met up with some PPKers for a picnic in Brooklyn. Though I took lots of photos, I really didn't get around to uploading them all. I brought lavender lemonade, chopped veggies from the farm, and Romanian cucumber salad. Some of the other food included: homemade hummus, beet and corn salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, quinoa salad, cherry ginger cookies, brownies, and earl grey cookies. The folks I met were really great.

After the picnic I had hoped to try one of NYC's famous vegan restaurants. Unfortunately, no one was hungry---if you can believe that. So, we decided to have some coffee and see if we could possible manage more food later.

The place we randomly picked is called the Cocoa Bar. We saw soymilk on the menu, so we sat down. When the waiter arrived, we asked about which drinks could be made with soy. He informed us that they have a whole vegan menu including 3 cakes. That would never happen in Boston. It is funny, the desserts that are vegan are not labeled as such on their regular menu either.

At any rate the 7 of us split 3 slices of cake and that was the end of our eating spree. Behold the 3 cakes. (Choc Death, PB Bomb, and Oreo)
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Anonymous said...

Yum!!! those cakes .

bazu said...

Woah... I'm hypnotized by the cocoa bar. How cool that they have such a vegan selection!

3.5 pounds of blueberries? I'm so jealous. I have yet to make it out blueberry picking.

Oooh, and I'm intrigued by your sourdough starter. I had one once, but it died. =( I've always wanted to try sourdough pancakes and waffles. Well, I'm a fan of sourdough anything, really.

jenny said...

Good choice!! Those are Vegan Treats desserts, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Oh I am such a huge sourdough fan! I must figure out how to get some starter! YUM!! And the chocolate....droooooooooool...

That is all.

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

The sourdough starter is WONDERFUL! Thank you so very much! I even blogged about my pancakes!