Thursday, October 11, 2007

Testers, Vegan 4 course Dinner

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post. Like I said, my goal is to do more this year. That being said, I ended up with a $100 Blockbuster gift card that I'm not going to use. I've posted it on Ebay. 70% of whatever the card makes will go directly to America's Second Harvest via MissionFish. It works in stores for rentals or purchases of used games or DVDs. Anyway, if you could use it or know someone who could, check out the auction.

Onto the food...

A few weeks back I picked up carrots at the farmer's market as they closed. The nice guy gave me a bunch of beets for free. On the way home I decided I would saute beet greens. The bright green carrot tops caught my eye and I wondered if I could cook them as well. A quick google search said yes. Carrot greens are on the bitter side, but mix well with other greens.

Tempeh Teriyaki, a Melomeals tester with sauteed beet and carrot greens.
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Veggie Planet had a 4 course vegan dinner on October 1st. The menu was created by chef Amie Swanson. The special nights are pricey and crowded, but the the creative meals are worth it. Unfortunately, I only remembered to take photos of three courses.

Lentil and swiss chard soup. Check out how the peppers are cut into little shapes.
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Spinach salad with roasted carrots, spiced pumpkin seeds, and apples with a maple dijon vinagrette.
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The missing photo is sweet potato gnocchi in a vegan butter and sage sauce.

Dessert: Chocoloate hazelnet layer cake with chocolate ganache
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Last photo, I was farm sitting at my friend's place in Maine again. Three chickens decided to roost in the bushes next to the house for the night. Apparently the leaves were cozier than the coop. Can you find them all?
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I've also got a few other pics from Cafe Indigo and Crazy Burger on the new blog as I was able to stop by both places recently.


Jenna said...

The BVS dinner was yummy and those pictures are pretty good, considering the lighting. The courses you snapped were prettier than the course you didn't shoot would have been, anyway.

Too bad you didn't get a shot of the special duck or the horse that bit...

70%...that's a great decision. Way to go. I commend your commitment and dedication to making a difference however you can.

Anonymous said...

love the food, especially dessert!

i hope you make lots in the auctions!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the welcome! How long ago were you in Sydney?

Those chicken are adorable. You're making me wish I could live in the country!

I would never have even thought to cook beet and carrot greens, silly really as they only ever go to waste. I'm going to do a bit of research on what other 'waste' i should be using!

Lady McHerb said...

Hey Jody - the Boston Veg Food Festival is next Saturday. Are you planning on going? If packing goes well on Friday, I'm going to head over. Last year's event was a blast!

Good luck with the Blockbuster auction.