Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quick Post

I've been MIA. Though I haven't been posting or commenting, I have been lurking at everyone's blogs. Yesterday at lunch, I even found a few new ones I like. Almost every week, sometimes everyday...I find another cool veg blog. It is so uplifting!

Before I start rambling... New Englanders, I usually go apple picking in the fall. I thought it would be neat to meet up at an orchard, pick apples, and maybe have a little veg picnic. There are quite a few of you that I know and other's that I haven't found yet. Karen in NY, Melody in NH, Heather and Megan in Boston. (I found someone else yesterday who is here in Boston for school, but I can't remember how I stumbled onto her blog.) Drop me a line via email or join the MSN group I created for us if you might be interested.

For lunch today, I am having some navy bean soup I cooked up last night. I don't have my camera with me and honestly, it wouldn't photograph well. It consists of navy beans, onion, celery, carrots, spices and TVP. The cool NE weather makes me crave soups this time of year.

Tonight, I have a special new recipe planned to try. I'll post pics later and make the blog rounds.

Travel has been rough lately, but we finally made a new hire while I was in CT/NY last week. Within a few months I will be sticking to MA/RI and driving further north on rare occasions. Yay!


primaryconsumer said...

That's a cool idea about the apple picking. I've been craving soup due to the cooler weather as well. :)

KleoPatra said...

Wow! I wish i lived out your way. I love apple picking. We actually do that here in a place called Julian. How neat to have an MSN groups for y'all, too. That is a great idea, Jody!

I hope you are well. Glad you posted to check in!

Anonymous said...

Apple picking is so much fun. I wish I lived up your way! Glad to hear work is going to settle down for you a little.

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