Sunday, August 17, 2014

Asparagus Risotto

One of the assignments I've been putting off in my Rouxbe class was Asparagus Risotto.  In my defense, I was little "riced out" between pilaf and the first risotto task.  Saturday seemed like a perfect day to tackle this one, especially after completing the home made vegetable stock recipe earlier in the week.

There's no doubt that risotto is time consuming, but the results are delicious and look mighty pretty on a plate.  As usual, you can find this recipe if you do a quick search on Rouxbe.  The dish is flavored with broth and asparagus puree.  Then it is finished with truffle oil.

I've also been working on an recipe for Oat Cheeze which I entered in the Bob's Red Mill steel cut oats recipe contest.  Expect a post about that soon!


Plant Based Yogi said...

Hi Jody, your risotto looks great! I enjoyed this task too because I never understood that it is the rice starch of arborio rice that makes it creamy. I always thought you had to add a lot of butter or fat. Also, I've played with various oat cheese ferments too, would love to compare notes. Looking forward to more posts :D

Lona said...

Love risotto and the truffle oil sounds delicious!