Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Travel...

The past two days I was traveling again to Cheshire, CT and White Plains, NY. Usually when I do this trip for work, I plan my schedule such that I can make it to Whole Foods in NY before checking into the hotel. That allows me to pick up my dinner and then breakfast/lunch for the following day. I also brought my camera, so that I could take a photo of my dinner.

Unfortunately, no part of this plan worked out. When I got to Cheshire and tried to charge up my camera, I found I brought the wrong charger. That meant no photos for you folks. Then I found that I had quite a few packages waiting for me in the office. All were parts that needed to be installed in our server room in CT. That meant a long night. One of the other system engineers worked with me on the phone to help get everything installed and setup and then I headed out to NY at 8:30. I knew Whole Foods would be closed when I got there, so I headed straight to the hotel. My lunch/dinner consisted of a sad showing: almonds, a lara bar, and pretzels.

This morning at Whole Foods, I picked up plenty of good stuff. I purchased some fresh pineapple for breakfast. The salad bar has some interesting new salads. One was tomatoes, olives, hearts of palm, arugula, and vegan soy chicken. Another was corn, black beans, jalapenos, veggies and vegan soy chicken. I made a lunch combo of those two with sesame broccoli and wheatberry salad.

BTW - I love hearts of palm!

Driving back tonight was pretty bad. It was 102 degrees when I left NY. At some point about 1.5 hours into my commute, I drove straight into a crazy thunderstorm and the temperature dropped to 73 degrees! I don't think I have ever driven through rain this bad before. The lightening was so close that I jumped sometimes when I heard the thunder booming. Since I was going 40 mph or less a lot of the time, the 3+ hour trip actually took 6. I did see some pretty spectacular lightening, but I'm not sure the trade off was worth it. The weather caused the Prius to get poor gas mileage. it only got 49 mpg, LOL.

Last thing, one of my co-workers wants to try a vegan lunch somewhere in White Plains. Though I hadn't planned on going back for at least 2 more weeks, I will likely need to be in White Plains next week for some server work. Anyone out there know of a good vegan restaurant that is in/near White Plains?

I promise some food pics soon!

Blogger spell check strikes again. Tonight it tried to change arugula into archly or arousal!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe they have A WFM in White Plains. I actually grew up in Chappaqua a few miles away. How cool! Haven't been back in years though so I can't help with the vegan restaurant, but it is a short train ride on Metro North to Manhatten and there's lots of good vegan restaurants there!

KleoPatra said...

You busy lady you and only 49 mpg in the Prius? Sheesh! That's just sooooooooooo few. Ha!! My Scion xA gets something like 40 on the freeways, and i thought THAT was good...

And just so ya know, regarding some of the frustrations you have been dealing with of late... sometimes the best laid plans are simply not meant to be... and it's all for good reason, but we may not understand exactly at the moments we're "in the moment."

Hope ou have a groovy weekend, Jody. Looking forward to pix when you (can) post 'em.

Catherine Weber said...

I love thunderstorms, but I bet driving through a giant one was a little freaky.

Oh, and wanna hear poor gas mileage? Try 15 highway mpg -- on a good day with no traffic, of course. My car's officially posted to sell . . . but no interest at all yet. I'm thinking of donating it for a tax write-off.

bellaandspike said...

Hey Jody,

Nice blog!
You've made me want to hit the WF salad bar for lunch today!

As for vegan restaurants in White Plains... Your best chance is Indian food (even then you'd have to ask if they cook w/ ghee, yogurt, etc)... I live in Harrison, which is the next town over- Veg options are scarce, which is a bummer for such a metro/diverse area.

This place looks great, but I think it's mostly take-out:

Good luck, and if you find anything else, let me know!


Freedom said...

Ahhh, don't you just love it when things go to plan... sounds like you survived anyway, although I don;t think I would have enjoyed that car trip one little bit (well, unless my dad was driving - then it mighta been kinda fun.)

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

blogger spell check is worthless! wanted to mention that your leslie bracelet is georgous. travel safe. :o)

funwithyourfood said...

eek driving in a thunderstorm
I'm glad you made it back ok. I'm from CA and I just would have pulled over or something. Too scarey for me.

But YAY for the whole foods you got to visit :0