Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Crazy Weekend! --Homemade pizza

Very little cooking, but lots of cool stuff. Unfortunately, I can't say I got to mowing the lawn. Luckily, neither have my neighbors.

After fixing a laptop for a friend, I headed out to a shop where one of my co-workers sells bikes on the weekend. This shop has a body scanning machine that actually helps determine which bike frame size, crank size, etc... is best for me. Well it sounded like a good idea, but the computer program pretty much puked when it got to my leg length. It kept saying, "enter valid length." Apparently, I should join the circus!

We were able to figure out that there are basically two bikes that will fit me without building a custom frame. Terry makes small frame female specific bikes. These would be special order and pretty expensive. Kona makes a kid's bike that is pretty decked out, called a Jake 2-4. It is a cross which means, I could take it out on a jeep trail or it will handle just fine on the road. Yup, I'm riding around on a kiddie bike!

Saturday night, I headed out to a concert. It was Big Head Todd and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Toad was one of my fav bands in high school, so that was pretty neat. VeganDoc met my friend and I at the show. It was a great concert and very cool to meet someone through blogging! Also pretty awesome, to have a new vegan buddy. At the moment, I have one friend who is vegetarian and a few that are wannabe veggies.

This morning, I was supposed to go for hike. The weather here was outrageously hot and humid, so I chickened out. BTW - I chickened out and vegandoc finished a triathalon! In the afternoon, I stopped by my aunt's. She gave me some fresh basil and oregano from her garden. Later, I headed into the city to go to the Boston Vegetarian Society meeting at my favorite vegan restaurant...Grasshopper. I met some nice people and really enjoyed the speaker and of course $8.95 buffet!

I'm not a fan of crowds and two hours was all I could take even though everyone was very friendly. So, I headed over to say hi/bye to VeganDoc who was sitting on the other side of the room with some new friends!

On the way home, I stopped at TJ's for some tomatoes. Once I arrived at the house, I took my new bike out for spin because it had started to cool off. I rode until it got dark, and then headed inside. I definitely didn't need more food after the buffet, but I did need lunch for work this week.

My fridge had pizza dough, herbs from my aunt, veganrella, the tomatoes I got on the way home, kalamata olives, tofurky kielbasa, and the pesto I made earlier in the pizza it was. Half is pesto, olives, rella, and tomatoes. The other half is tomatoes, sauce, rella, kielbasa, fresh basil, and oregano leaves. I tried one bite it is dang good. I'm pretty sure it beats the vegan pizza at TJScallywaggles. Tommy polished off a mini slice---yup she loves pizza. That bird is a freak of nature.

Hope you all had a good weekend! I've got to get some exercise in before bed time. Within the next few days, I will make the blog rounds and also update my frequently read list on the right. Quite a few of you are missing.

Oh---another spellcheck fav. Today it tried to change blogging to flogging.


KleoPatra said...


You've been busy, wow! I hope you like that busy-ness!!

You cracked me up about it being hot while Vegan Doc (cool that a mutual friend of yours met her and that you both enjoyed a great concert!) did her triathlon. We all have our limits, believe me, i know it!

Hope you got in some good exercise and that you have a fun and productive week.

Great post!

VeganHeartDoc said...

Hey there -- good meeting up with you this weekend! That pizza does look fabulous.

funwithyourfood said...

Making your on pizza is great! While i was in NY my grandpa made some for me and now everytime i see pizza i think of him


Anonymous said...

Bike fitting sounds like a blast...not! I find all the technicalities so overwhelming. Just give me a bike at a good price that fits... please:-)

Catherine Weber said...

Jody, I'm worried about going to buy a bike myself! I think I will probably end up with a kids bike, too. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Someday, I might buy a framepack to go backpacking with my uncle . . . and I will probably have to buy a child's framepack, too. I have an unusually short torso -- 15 inches from the nape of my neck to my waist! That's it!

I've been meaning to ask you about cameras, so I think I'll just email you sometime this week with specs!

Freedom said...

Gotta love spellcheck! That pizza looks yumm and it is so cool that you met VeganDoc through blogging. I wish I could meet some fellow bloggers but being in Aus, it could be tough...

Jody from VegChic said...

kleo- I know you are busy too. Hopefully, your week will settle down and thanks for stopping in.

heather- cool to meet you too, hopeful we can catch up again soon.

teddy- that is awesome that your granpa cooked for you. I think of my grandmother whenever I have baked apples.

megan- bike fitting is pretty important, my mountain bike has always been too big. This is the first bike that fits me. I wish it could be easier.

catherine -make sure that you do spend time fitting a bike to you. It is especially important if you have a not-average frame. Don't be bummed about a kids bike. Check out the Kona 2-4, it is actually a pretty nice bike. Jake 2-4

freedom -thanks for stopping by again. There is definitely at least one other reader from Australia on my blog. I think you are near Adelaide and the other reader is near Perth. Maybe that is reversed. Though from my travels in Australia, I know those two cities are pretty far apart. I bet you will find some local bloggers...the longer you are online.

karen said...

That pizza does look good! If I do come out to Boston again I will let you know... You will have to bring me to Grasshopper to try their food!

That is so cool that you met a blogger. You and Kleo had that opportunity. Toad the Wet Sprocket sounds like fun, I remember listening to them when I was younger too...

TS said...

that pizza looks fabulous! I've just started making vegan pizza. Yummy stuff.

I came by from VegginOut. I need to come more often. You're busy! :)

Take care!

TS said...

Oh, and LOL at the legs comment. I have crazy long legs in relation to my height. I know how you feel. ;)