Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sloppy Lentil Patties

I still had left over sloppy lentils and VegNews had a Lentil Burger recipe. Sloppy lentils were perfect for the recipe because they already had kale, onion, and carrots. I added chopped sun dried tomatoes, oatmeal, and some spices and then cooked up the patties.

These are good and I may actually prefer them to the plain sloppy lentils. Though I believe the addition of tomatoes would make me love the sloppy lentils.

Funny, the recipe in VegNews says 4 burgers and I made 12. Tommy, loves the lentil burgers. I'll bring 1 or possibly 2 for lunch tomorrow and will likely need to freeze the rest.

Teddy and everyone wondering about the Prius---I am planning to pick it up at 8:30am tomorrow. It is time to say goodbye to my good friend Gary Cooper. The photo to the right is one of the first pictures of Gary. This car handles like a little tank in the snow, so I will likely miss that the most. My sister and I took Gary up to Vermont with us and we were stuck in a crazy snow storm. SUVs were skidding off the road and Gary just trucked along. I'd like to believe this was due to my exceptional driving, but it is probably due partly to the car.

There was an office prank involving pink toilet paper and the wrapping of a number of manly trucks in our parking garage. It escalated to various other decorations including this one to the right. I was called into a conference room to view a PowerPoint presentation where I saw the picture of Gary sporting the pink bow. GC and I had some good times. I'm sure Gary's new owner will really dig him.

I won't miss filling up with 93 octane at the gas station or getting 30 miles to the gallon. I am looking forward to lowering my contribution to global warming and dependence on foreign oil!

Spellcheck laugh of the day...It tried to replace VegNews with vagina's! The apostrophe s is perhaps the most amusing part of that substitution.


karen said...

Take pics of your new Prius! Congrats on your earth friendly purchase!! I laughed when I saw spell check's version of VegNews! So funny! The mini cooper is a really cute car- we have a few teachers here who have them- I had no idea they were good in the snow.

Lentil burgers sound very good...

KleoPatra said...

Pink is the new Cooper, 'eh? By, Gary. Hope you find another good owner and get a happy home. Btw, Jody... funny foto! Really, I am happy you are getting a car that will be good for you AND the environment!!

I'm into the sloppy lentil patties in a big, big way. Anything with all that goodness in 'em PLUS sun dried tomatoes... Now we're talkin'!! I wonder how come you were able to make SO many more. Has Tommy eaten a few!?

Anonymous said...

How funny you made the sloppy lentil patties! Thank you by the way for emailing me the recipe. I wound up running out of time and didn't make them (just wolfed down the lentils as is for lunch). They look really tasty though. I'm going to definitely try them next time. Can't wait to see pics of your new car!

Eat Peace Please said...

Oops, I guess I should have specified red lentils, but from what you have here, I see it doesn't matter. These look great! I think it's a wonderful idea how you turned them into patties, and I will try to do the same one day. The brown/green lentils are a lot firmer and hold together better than red. I always make SL with red lentils. Your spell check is funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh... yummy Sloppy Lentil Patties! I'll have to try those one day too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Prius vs. the Mini once you have it. I drive a Mini too, but would like to switch to something more economical and Enviro friendly. Good luck!

Pure Zuke

funwithyourfood said...

hahaha Vaginas!
that's always good for a laugh

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I had assumed Minis were fuel efficient considering they are so small. That sucks. But, Prius' rock...have fun! What colour of toilet paper goes with a Prius?