Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend got off to an uneventful start. I had a long drive back from NY which meant no cooking Friday night as I was exhausted! Saturday, my dad stopped by to help me replace a leaky spigot for my garden hose. (I'd turned the water off from inside the house to prevent wasting it.) After that, my dad and I headed out to a casino nearby my house. Before we left, I told him that I was hoping to win $40 that I would donate to charity.

Karma was on my side last night as I won quite a bit. I ended up donating a big chunk to both MercyCorps and America's Second Harvest. Farm Sanctuary also got a smaller donation. Unfortunately, what's left will go towards bills and possibly two other items. I'm thinking about getting a road bike, so that I can bike part or all of the way to work. I'd also like to get a dehydrator and had been putting it off because I have other stuff to take care of financially.

Anyway, I ended up going to bed later than planned. That made getting up early rather difficult today. Friends of Willard Brook were leading a hike in central Mass today. The hike interested me because there are wild blueberries at the summit which we could pick. It was 1.5+ hours driving and I did get slightly lost on the way, but luckily still made it in time. We hiked up Mount Watatic. It is small mountain, actually it is a small monadnock and not a mountain---but I digress. The terrain is pretty rugged with some shuffling over rocks and relatively steep climbing. The view at the top is quite nice as you can see 360 degrees and a few other mountains/monadnocks. (Perhaps even Boston on a clear day.)

Here are a few pictures for you:

These are pretty close to the beginning of the trail. The twin rocks must have broken apart at some point. The picture doesn't completely portray the amazing size of the two chunks of stone. They are definitely a good 15 feet tall or more. I guess that gives you some scale as to how tall those trees are!

This photo below, is a view looking out from Watatic. We're very close to the peak when I snapped this shot. The last one is the blueberries I picked. They are very sweet and I can't wait to cook something up with them. I'll likely make some mini blueberries muffins and then use the rest for smoothies and/or breakfast. Hope you all had a good weekend too. I promise some food pictures soon!


KleoPatra said...

Jody, that is breathtaking, that view!!!! Wow. I love that photograph. I wish I could see that from my window. Lovely, lovely bold and beautiful berries as well.

I love hiking... looks like you had some breathtaking scenery en route. Good for you.

And a hearty congratulations on your big win. I'm happy for you! Yay for your ca$ino victory. And yay for YOU... and you are awesome to give some to Farm Sanctuary (and the other places, but i have a huge soft spot in my heart for FS). Wonderful you!!!!

Dori said...

I did have a good weekend, thanks for the well wishes. That view is awesome.

Crystal said...

Wow - what a neat hiking trip and so worth it - a good view AND blueberries?? Jackpot!

Well, you already got the jackpot from the sounds of it :) Congrats and good job on donating most of it.