Monday, July 10, 2006

Blueberry Corn Muffins

A quick post at lunch time from the office today. Last night, I cooked up a batch of blueberry corn muffins from Vegan Vittles. I'm not a fan of this recipe, but I did like that it was written to make a small batch---only 6 muffins. Tommy loves these muffins. They have silken tofu and that bird loves tofu, go figure! I'll give VV another try on a different day.

I've still got two small containers of the wild blueberries and I am hoping to make at least 1 more, maybe 2 more recipes. Perhaps I will get to post one tonight!


Harmonia said...

Corn Muffins. Neat. I must get this book!!! Nice pic! Happy Monday!

Catherine Weber said...

where did you find wild blueberries? I just found a recipe for wild blueberry jam that I REALLY want to try.

KleoPatra said...

YOWZA! Those look great. I grew up picking blueberries every summer in Michigan and had blueberry muffins every day. Haven't had 'em in a while but they looked a lot like these. You just took me back a ways to happier times... thank you!!