Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Catherine's Soup , Pita, & Cookies

Well, it has been too long since my last post. Over the weekend, I was using up leftovers. Saturday a friend and I went hiking. On Sunday I was tempted to cook; however I was heading out of town for work on Mon/Tues, so the idea was nixed.

Tonight I needed to stop at Trader Joe's and pick up a few items to test Catherine's Chickpea Noodle soup. By the time I got home, I was starving. My fridge had been housing an unopened package of Tofutti Cream Cheese for awhile and at TJs, I bought a nice looking jar of fire roasted red peppers. The Vegan Vittles cookbook has lox and cream cheese recipe that caught my eye. (Probably because I hated lox and cream cheese as a kid.) Though the cream cheese wasn't made from scratch like theirs, this made a quick and tasty snack. I've never been a cream cheese fan, but I really enjoyed the flavor of the Tofutti with the roasted red peppers.

After my pocket, I started chopping ingredients for the soup. I was able to cook it up in under an hour. The recipe called for another pasta type, but I only had rotini. The broth for this soup is absolutely amazing. It is a great mixture of herbs and some other flavors that I can't reveal. The veggies, pasta, and chickpeas make for a hearty meal. Though I might tweak this recipe a bit next time I make it, it is wonderful and I thank Catherine for giving me the opportunity to test this recipe slated for her upcoming cookbook.

The soup will last me a few days, so I likely won't post any new recipes until the weekend!

One last thing... The veg restaurant near my house, stopped selling their vegan chocolate chip cookies over a year ago. Every time I was there I would ask for the cookies, but they didn't plan on making them anymore. On my last visit, I asked the owner if he would share the recipe with me. He gave me a double chocolate chip cookie recipe that didn't look to me like the cookies I craved, but I decided to give it a try tonight.

I can definitively say these are not the right cookies, but they are decent. They are a little softer and more like drop cookies than I like. They are very healthy though. There is no oil or fat added and the sugars are sucanat, apple sauce and brown rice syrup. I subbed whole wheat flour for about 1/3 of the white flour and the white specks you see are rolled oats! If anyone wants me to post the recipe for them, I will.


Rachael said...

that soup looks wonderful...if it wasn't so stupidly hot here, that would be supper tonight. On the other hand, those pitas look good and we have some nice ripe tomatoes which would work in place of the peppers...thanks for the ideas.

Anonymous said...

The soup looks great.
Let us know how you like Vegan Vittles. I don't own that cookbook, but I'm always looking for an excuse to buy more!

zenpawn said...

Please do post the cookie recipe. :)

t. said...

Your pita pocket sounds and looks so yummie! So simple yet so tasty! I would love it as a quick on the go lunch!

funwithyourfood said...

I'd love a cookie as well