Monday, June 05, 2006

Yam Fries, Pickles, and a New Cookbook!

Howdy! I haven't had much time to post. Sometimes work is very busy. Last week, I cooked up Spicy Yam (I learned something Catherine) Fries from TEV. I needed to use up some leftover yams from the portabellas. These were quick, easy, and very good. Tommy, tommy, the cranky parrot and her friendly cohort Nacho the conure gobbled up a few of the spicy fries.

Other than the yam fries, the weekend didn't involve much cooking. My fridge had plenty of leftovers to use up including a second batch of the white bean boursin.

At the moment, I have some refrigerator pickles marinating in the kitchen. I picked up some baby cukes at the market and needed to use those. The Spicy Refrigerator Dill Pickles recipe came from AllRecipes. I'll post a pic in a couple of days when they are done.

Today I received a new cookbook in the mail. It is called: The Healthiest Diet in the World. Originally I found it because Erin mentioned it on HIS blog. Since it is a diet book, I wasn't sure what to expect.

As I flipped through this book tonight I was incredibly surprised by the wealth of great recipes. The majority of the dishes are vegan and there are so many tofu, tempeh, and wonderful looking veg dishes. I've been married to Dreena's books for the past two weeks because they were my first new vegan books. I'll be putting them down for a bit and trying this one and VwaVout over the next few weeks.

Look forward to my posts about new recipes that I try!


KleoPatra said...

YAM FRIES! OK, that's what i can do with my sweet po's that've been sittin' in my fridge for a week now...

They look SUPER!

zenpawn said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the book! Don't let the word "Diet" in the title scare you. They're using it to mean the way one eats as opposed to the colloquial weight-loss sense.

p.s. - I'm male. :)

Jody from VegChic said...


Sorry about that. You'd think I'd know better than to assume, but I fixed it up for you!


Mindy T. said...

I just posted about how busy I've been, too. Must be going around. Yet you've found time to make pickles. I haven't done any pickling or jam-making or canning of any kind for far too long. Thanks for the inspiration! And those fries look too good, too...

Rachael said...

just out of curiosity, what kind of parrot and what kind of conure? I have 2 suns (hence the picture) and a green cheek, plus 2 'tiels and 4 parakeets. The suns love plain baked sweet potato, so I'll have to offer them some seasoned fries and see what they do.

Your blog is great, btw. one of my favorites.