Thursday, June 01, 2006

DaVegan Code

I first saw this posted on PiscesPlace and thought it was hilarious. I've got to share it again, just in case someone missed it.

Leonardo Da Vinci is said to be the inspiration of Da Vegan Code and the International Secret Society of Vegans. The Mona Lisa is held up as proof.

Dan Brown revealed that Mona Lisa was a play on words using the Greek gods of fertility Amon and Isis.

The Vegans claim that the real joke was rearranging the letters of Mona Lisa to make "No Salami".

Press Release and DaVeganCode website


KleoPatra said...

It IS hilarious!!! I have to laugh at the lengths peeps go to when trying to further their "cause."

Gotta love it...

t. said...

I posted about it today! truly funny!

Dan Brown must be a total idiot by the way (not must respect from me): Amon and Isis were NOT Greek gods! Why giving the world another reason to be laughing after your books?!?!?!