Sunday, June 25, 2006

Open Face Avocado & Green Garlic Dressing

Well, I've noted lots of you Californians making stuff with avocados or just chopping them up and adding them to salads. Up until recently, I tried to pretend avocados didn't exist. When I was little, I tried one and didn't like it. That's right I didn't try one again until almost twenty years later. On occasion I eat guacamole now and once I even ate an avocado sandwich at a restaurant when there were no other veg options.

Earlier in the week, I purchased some organic avocados and today I decided to give one a try. I was curious how difficult it would be to cut them in half and remove the skin. It was surprisingly simple for a first timer!

These sandwiches are toasted bread with organic tomato, organic avocado, organic baby spinach and Green Garlic Dressing that I made from Cafe Max and Rosie's: Vegetarian Cooking With Health and Spirit. Now, I love garlic...but this dressing is super garlicky! I think next time I might use one less clove. The dressing is basically silken tofu, some herbs, olive oil (I used about a third of what it called for and added a little water), balsamic vinegar, and lots of garlic.

The verdict, I like the sandwiches and I guess I like avocado now.

Last night, I also made Lavender Lemonade from Mindy Cooks. Lemonade and lavender are two things I love. One interesting thing about making lavender lemonade is the color change. The lavender water infusion is purple and when you add lemon juice it morphs into a beautiful pink color. Where do you think the idea of pink lemonade came from? I wonder if the nasty artificial pink lemonades they sell now are actually an artifact from early times when people made lavender lemonade.


Eat Peace Please said...

I live in AZ and there's a lot of avocado foods around here. And I am only a few hours from Cali, so go figure. I have had issues with avocados until a few years ago and I feel like organic *anything* tastes better.

That lavender lemonade looks great and now I am wondering about the pink lemonade history as well...

t. said...

Beautiful lemonade! I have never heard of this idea and the colour change is really intriguing!
hould my lavender plant grow this year, I will definitely give it a try!

funwithyourfood said...

woo hoo
welcome to the world of avocados! they're great.
I'm home from SF.. Just got in about 1 hour ago and i've already posted some pics!


KleoPatra said...

Wow, what gorgeous lemonade you created. Beautiful, beautiful! I think i'm the only Californian who's not a fan of the avocado. But the sandwich looks good and i'm ALL ABOUT garlic. One less clove?! Are you SURE?! :o)

Anonymous said...

so happy that you like avocados now. I used to dislike them, and now I can't imagine life without them (that may sound a little dramatic, but it's true!).

Your lemonaide looks so beautiful~!

urban vegan said...

lemonade loosk so pretty in the msaon jar. I love anything with avodacos. It IS easy being green.