Thursday, May 04, 2006

About me...

I've been a vegetarian for almost 4 years. Originally the vegetarian thing happened because of a bet. My friend and I wagered on who could stay vegetarian the longest. The winner received a Sponge Bob DVD.

I won and then promptly had steak for dinner. The steak made me feel physically sick for the entire night. That got me thinking about how my body was rejecting a type of food based on 30 days without it. If you don't eat bananas for 30 days, you won't feel sick after eating one.

For a few months I went back and forth from veg to non-veg. Each time I ate meat I often felt sick. Finally I decided to stop and listen to my body. Besides this, I found that the biggest reason for me to be vegetarian was for environmental reasons. We waste so much food and water to produce beef when we could more efficiently grow grains and produce for human consumption.

The longer I am vegetarian, the more important animal rights and health benefits have become. Though I am not vegan yet, I tend to shy away from cheese and eggs. At home, I never bake with eggs or milk. Alternatives are easy to find. Honey is not really all that necessary for me and I use agave nectar as replacement. I've also stopped buying leather shoes and clothes and will make sure my next vehicle does not have leather seats.

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KleoPatra said...

Wow, just read this, after backtracking over some of your posts over the months. Interesting, VERY.

Just got your e-mail and will respond when i have some down time! Thank you for such a deep note filled with some personal stuff that i can see has made you the insightful, thinking, feeling woman you are today.