Friday, May 26, 2006

MadHouse Cafe - Yay Vegan Burgers

Usually I meet my dad and sister for dinner one night a week. When I was vegetarian, I was only a minor inconvenience. At most restaurants, anyone could easily find something vegetarian. Veganism presents some challenges though.

Fortunately, we do have a some great vegan restaurants in Boston and a couple in RI which is closer to my house. Yesterday, I accidentally stumbled across MadHouse Cafe when I was looking for some other options close to home. (If I hadn't found something, I'd push for Garden Grille in Pawtucket. Even though my dad/sister aren't too fond of it, I love GG.)

Madhouse is not an exclusively vegan restaurant, so be prepared. They do have many vegan options. The menu has 5 vegan burgers which even have vegan rolls. I tried out the "JUST PLAIN NUTS BURGER" which is made from: Toasted cashews and walnuts, lentils and zucchini topped with sun-dried tomato-artichoke pesto. It was delicious.

MH also has 3 veg entrees. Perhaps I will try one next time. For dessert, they serve a vegan carrot cake complete with soy cream cheese frosting. I hadn't planned on dessert, but when my family decided to get something I ordered up the carrot cake. It was great.

MadHouse Cafe is located in Pawtucket RI which is close to those in southern MA. If you are looking for good vegan fare in the area, give MHC a try!

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