Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Philly Cheese Steak"

I travel around New England for work. On Monday when I was in Maine, I stopped at the Whole Grocer and picked up some items they don't have here at home. While I was walking around the store, I saw Tofurky "Philly Style" Steak. Though some of my favorite vegan web sites reference the product, I had not seen it at a local store. I dropped it in my basket and couldn't wait to try it.

Tonight was my first early night home from the office this week and I decided to make a "Cheese Steak" sandwhich. I sauteed some sliced baby bella mushrooms and strips of Tofurky. Then put everything in a whole wheat and oat wrap with vegan cheddar cheese. I also cooked up some left over asparagus with a bit of ground pepper and sea salt.

The wrap was great. I'm hoping this variety of Tofurky slices is available in my area soon. In the mean time I have a enough for two more sandwhiches!


Beth said...

Wait a SEC...where in Maine? where in New England to do get to go? Stop by Dover-Foxcroft, Maine this summer! Assuming you can find it, lol.

I dunno...I'm still struggling w/the idea of fake meat. Sounds too weird. I've developed an aversion to low fat foods becuase when they take out the fat, they put in a lot of garbage to make up for it. Ewww.

Jody from VegChic said...

Usually Portland, though on occasion...I head up to Bar Harbor. (I love Acadia)

A lot of times I think the fake meat is just fake meat because we don't have a name for it. Was the Philly Steak exactly like philly steak? Nope and I didn't want it to be, but... How do you explain what it is?

We just don't have names for a lot of the veggie stuff. I'm completely with you on fat free stuff.

Thanks for your comments. Maybe we can meet up some time!