Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vegan Cookies and Meetings!

While traveling the past 2 days in CT and NY, I had to do a presentation in each office I visited. Normally when we do a presentation, we bring lunch or cookies or some prize for our fellow co-workers. Yes, sometimes a bribe does help get people in the door.

I had wrestled with what to do about this for a week. Obviously, I could go to the supermarket and buy cookies. My dilemma was: If I am trying to be vegan, then I don't feel all that comfortable bringing in cookies made with eggs and/or butter. I could also make my own vegan cookies and bring them. Sometimes time just doesn't allow it.

It occurred to me that I could likely get vegan cookies at Whole Foods. Would they be too expensive? While walking around I stumbled across my favorite vegan cookies. Fortunately, if you don't have Uncle Eddie's available in your area, they sell them on Amazon: Uncle Eddie's.

Yes, my non vegan or even vegetarian co-workers ate Uncle Eddie's cookies during my presentations. What did they think? In CT, we only had Trail Mix and Molasses varieties which were not my favorite. Everyone seemed to like them and at one point we did get into a short conversation about veganism. One woman appeared to be horrified when I mentioned that we don't eat honey. LOL.

In NY, we lucked out and had my two favorite varieties. These are oatmeal chocolate chip and my absolute favorite peanut butter chocolate chip. Everybody loved these. One guy asked if I baked them myself. One of the women actually said "These taste better than the real thing." That makes me chuckle, just thinking about it. Only one person was weirded out by it. He seemed to rather perturbed to find out they were vegan after he plowed through an oatmeal chocolate chip. Someone besides me pointed out that these cookies don't have anything strange in them. It is what they don't have that is important.

People are funny! At any rate vegan cookies made an appearance and everyone enjoyed them. Thanks Uncle Eddie!

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Eat Peace Please said...

Uncle Eddie's are my favorite cookies too. I am glad they are a bit costly otherwise I'd be eating them all the time (and huge). Oh, and I found you through Jess (of get sconed.